Charging Your Phone Has Never Been This Easy

A brand-new phone will 100% work to its optimum capacity for the first few weeks after purchase. But like any other machine, it will have wear and tear over time. Its performance will deteriorate and slow down. The problem is caused by a number of factors such as how a person uses it, how it is taken care of, and what devices are connected to it on a daily basis. Headphones, accessories, and chargers can cause wear and tear to a mobile phone.

Since then, we have all been using a traditional wire charger to charge our phones. We connect it through the charging port and plug it on a power outlet. If you think that this is the best way to power up your phone, think again. Great advancements in technology have led us to create a new way to charge your phone. Wireless charging is now achievable thanks to our new product, CircaCharge!

CircaCharge is a wireless charger that is promised to give you fast and reliable charging that can also greatly improve the overall performance of your mobile phone. Unlike traditional wire chargers, CircaCharge gives you hassle-free charging with its sleek and chic design.

Convert to wireless charging with the new CircaCharge.

What is CircaCharge?

CircaCharge is a wireless charger engineered to give you fast and reliable charging. Not will it deliver great charging results, but it will also improve your phone’s battery life, data transfer, and overall performance.

CircaCharge is an advanced piece of technology that differs greatly from the traditional wire chargers that we are used to. Unlike wire chargers, CircaCharge is not messy and it is hassle-free. CircaCharge is perfect for people who are on the go and want a quick way of charging their phones without having to go through untangling wires and plugging things to power outlets.

Another problem with traditional wire chargers is that they cause wear and tear to our mobile phones. You might not realize it but it causes strain to our phone via the charging port. Do you realize how many times you plug in your charger and pull it out on a daily basis? With CircaCharge, the need to pull in and out a wired charger is no more. This way, wear and tear is avoided.

CircaCharge also features a sleek and chic design that would fit with any mobile phone model available on the market. With CircaCharge, you can achieve fast and reliable charging as easy as possible.


For Quick and Easy Wireless Charging

Comes with a FREE Wireless Adaptor Kit


For Quick and Easy Wireless Charging

Comes with a FREE Wireless Adaptor Kit

How Does CircaCharge Work?

The CircaCharge is a wireless charger that is guaranteed to bring you the best charging experience you will ever have. With a lot of competitors on the market, the creators of CircaCharge have made it their priority to deliver only the best and most high-tech wireless charger to its consumers. Even though the CircaCharge is made with topnotch quality, its creators have still managed to market it under a reasonable yet cheap price so everyone can avail it.

CircaCharge is a sleek, chic, and compact charger that lets you charge your phone without having to connect it to a cable. CircaCharge comes with two devices, the charging pad, and the phone adaptor. The phone adaptor is a device which you connect to your phone. It is a thin sheet that can be easily concealed by most mobile phone cases available on the market. The phone adaptor sucks up the power once it is placed on the charging pad.

The CircaCharge is designed to work with most modern smartphone models available on the market. Smartphone models from Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Huawei, and so many more can be charged with CircaCharge.

Switch to CircaCharge now to experience fast, easy, and hassle-free charging.


Fast Charging

CircaCharge is an advanced piece of technology designed to give its consumers the best charging experience. Fast charging is one of the main factors of this which is why its creators have engineered it to power up smartphones as quickly as possible.

Improves Phone Quality

Over time, smartphones can have poor battery life and slower performance. These problems can be caused by wear and tear by using wire chargers via the charging port. Wireless charging with CircaCharge has made it possible to remedy these problems.


CircaCharge is a wireless charger that is compatible with all smartphone brands. Smartphone models from Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Huawei and so many more can be easily charged with CircaCharge wireless charger.


CircaCharge also features a sleek, chic, and compact design that suits any smartphone model. The phone adaptor attached to the mobile phone is a thin device which can be easily concealed. While the charging pad features a chic and futuristic design.


Step 1

Connect the adaptor to your phone. It is a thin device which can be easily concealed.

Step 2

Plug in the charging pad to a power outlet which is most accessible to you.

Step 3

Place your phone screen side up to the charging pad. Your phone will charge instantly as the adaptor gets in contact with the charging pad.

Product Specifications

Size100mm x 7mm
Charging SpeedHigh

Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer With A Wireless Charger

Wireless charging was a thing that no one would see coming. How could you imagine charging without a cable? How would the electricity flow without a wire? CircaCharge has answered this question for us. CircaCharge is a wireless device that is engineered to give us the best charging experience possible. It features fast charging that also improves phone battery life and overall phone performance. CircaCharge is compatible with most smartphones on the market today (Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Huawei, etc). CircaCharge also features a cool and sleek design that has a futuristic feel to it.

One of the best things about CircaCharge wireless charger is how fast and hassle-free it is. Gone are the days when you have to deal with messy wires and plugging in cables to power outlets. It is very easy to use. You simply connect a phone adaptor to your phone. This adaptor is a small and thin sheet that can be easily hidden behind a phone case. Once you have connected the adaptor, place your phone to the charging and voila! Your phone charges instantly once your phone gets on contact with the charging pad. Charging your phone has never been this fast, easy, and hassle-free, thanks to CircaCharge.

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